What to Expect

  • Every MondayFirst day of school

    Classes begin each Monday, and students can study for as little or as long as they like. Each student acquires the language at their own rhythm and pace, so there is no set length of a course.
  • All throughout your stayLiving an amazing school adventure

    From outside classrooms to extracurricular activities, Tulum Spanish School will not only teach you a new language, but will educate you on a new culture and fill your soul.
  • When you leaveObtained new skills and abilities

    After your time being completely immersed in a new culture, you will have new skills and memories to last a lifetime. We guarantee faster results than any other program.

Our school is the best choice for you

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To register, or to learn more, please call 480-338-5561 or 800-863-1941. You may also email us at Info@ChacMoolSchools.com. We look forward to helping you achieve your language goals.

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